Traditional Website vs WordPress Site

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What are the major differences between a Traditional Website and a WordPress Site .

For those of you who have never used a WordPress site before please understand it is still a website.  A traditional website and a WordPress site can be structured the exact same way.  In fact if set up the same it would be hard to tell which was the tradition site and which was the WordPress site.  You can structure a WordPress site however you wish.  If you just want one single page or a massive amount of pages you can with WordPress.

A traditional website typically is set up with a wide range of information or products, pages and links.  Typically after a website is set up it is picked up by Google and other search engines and indexed.  The next thing the search engines do is send out spiders to check your site for new content.  After a traditional website is set up it typically lacks new content and when after the spiders visit and find no new content they will try again.  Lets say a week goes by and there still is no new content the spiders will then start to visit once a week.  Then after weeks go by with no new content they start to visit monthly then yearly.  This is the single biggest problem with a traditional site.  It is typically set it and forget it.  Optimizing a traditional website is not as easy either.

Another problem with a traditional site is, it usually takes an outsider to get it set up properly or a website designing software.  With another person or a software program designing your site it limits your usability of the site.  You must think of your website as an employee of yours.  Is your employee working hard for you, getting you ranked on Google and bringing you sales and visitors, or is your employee just sitting there wasting time and money.  Lastly the cost involved with a traditional site with it's initial cost and maintenance makes it an outdated choice.

A WordPress site can be used in so many different ways.  With its ever growing popularity it is easy to use and easy to maintain.  The biggest advantage with a WordPress site is when you purchase your domain name and choice who will host it WordPress is free.  With over 50 pages of themes it is easy to find a look that will fit your needs and with a little help can be changed to make it look more unique.  WordPress has what are called plugins which add effects and more functions to your site.  Most plugins are free as well.  The best part about it is the ease of use.  With a little practice you will enjoy using your new WordPress site.

The next huge advantage to a WordPress site is its blog feature.  If you want a traditional look to your WordPress site you can still have a static homepage and have your blog on a separate page.  With the blog feature it allows you to have dated entries and allows you to add new content with ease.  New content is one of the keys to ranking on the search engines.  Lets say you have a business site about your plumbing business.  Adding new content to your site is easy with the blog.  Make your site the authority on plumbing.  Blog about plumbing maintenance and common plumbing problems just to mention a few.  Give your site visitors a reason to come back and when they need there toilet fixed guess who they are going to call.

So in closing:

The love that Google gives WordPress and other blog platforms makes it much easier to attract your clients.  The blog feature gives your customers a reason to keep visiting your site so when they need your services there is no question where they are going.  The cost comparison between traditional and WordPress is obvious and the plugins make it easy to configure your site for your needs.

Please feel free to contact us with any WordPress questions or if you would like us to help you set yours up.  Thanks for reading

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