Setting up a captcha in Contact Form 7

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In case your wondering how to set up a captcha using the WordPress plugin Contact Form 7 it's actually pretty easy.  This is really a must to use with your forms, because it cuts down on spam.  All you have to do is add the below line of code to your form and that's it.  Here is the code.

[quiz spam-quiz 2/2 "What comes first, c or y?|c" "What is 3 + 2?|5" "What is 2 - 1?|1" "What is the capital letter of y?|Y" "What is bigger, 7 or 9?|9" "What is smaller, 6 or 2?|2" "What is 5 - 2?|3" "What is 6 + 2?|8" "What is bigger, 3 or 7?|7" "What is bigger, 6 or 5?|6" "What is the capital letter of j?|J" "What is smaller, 8 or 9?|8" "What is bigger, 8 or 2?|8" "What is 2 x 4?|8" "What is 3 x 2?|6" "What is 8 - 3?|5" "What is the capital letter of k?|K"]

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