Plumbing in Stroudsburg PA, This Is A Test Post

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Plumbing in Stroudsburg PAPlumbing in Stroudsburg PA, Attention Plumbers in Stroudsburg PA!

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Hi everybody, this is a test post to see the effectiveness of the All In One Plug-in for wordpress.  I created a new WordPress site with the All In one Plug-in, and I want to see if the Home and Description used on the main page weight heavier in the serps than the Title and Description in the posts.

I will be using the same title and description on both the New WordPress site and this post.  I am targeting the keywords: Plumbing in Stroudsburg PA, and Plumbers in Stroudsburg PA.  I want to see how long it takes to index Both the site and this post and which one indexes better.  I will be posting the results so we can see how the All In One plug-in weights the Main Home and Description against the post Title and Description.  Stay toned for the results.  I hope this will only take a few days to get the results.  And only 1 week to get to page 1 or 2.

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