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For those of you who have visited our site before you can see we went ahead and redesigned our logo and our website.  Since we created a new logo and website we had to create new Facebook, Twitter and YouTube photos to get our new branding done. It is important that you have a common branding for all your social networks.  Since we advertise that we do social media set up it is only fair that ours is set up as well.

We also had a little work to do for Reclaim Beyond Paint today.  We set up there Google analytics and Webmaster tools in Raven tools so they can get proper reporting on site traffic and SEO.  They also asked us to re-size a photo on their homepage.

Reclaim sells furniture and counter-top paint as well as kits.  It make refinishing your furniture and counter-tops a breeze.  You don't need a ton of prep work or tools to redo your furniture or counter-tops.  If your interested you can check out there full line of products on there website.  Just click here!

That pretty much wrapped up our day today.  Thanks for reading the post and have a blessed day.  Also be sure to check back to see what's new at SC Online Marketing and maybe you'll learn a tip or two.

I almost forgot!  We also did some research at Moz local.  It's a new service that's being offered at  moz.com/local.  So be sure to check that out here.  You will probably learn a lot, so be sure to visit the site.

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