Is Offsite SEO Important?

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Is offsite SEO importantSo the big question is, is offsite SEO important?  YES, YES, YES!!

I am amazed that business owners get a website developed for them, and they think the work is done.  They think that since their site is online, the customers are going to race in.  Well I'm sorry to say, but that's just not true at all.

I spoke with two know website developers last week about SEO.  I was amazed about our conversation, let me fill you in.

I asked, when a website is finished and your meta keywords are placed, (for example: Hair stylists in Effort PA) how long does it take for Google to index that site with those meta keywords?  Now of course I wasn't looking for an exact answer, because only Google knows that for sure, but a ballpark answer.  They both answered the same way.  I'm not sure, because after I complete the site and hand of the site and the login info I don't track it after that.

Now just from experience, I put two sites online around 2 days apart.  Site A was finished and online 2 days before site B, and site B got indexed in Google with the desired meta keywords before site A.  I asked site A about doing some offsite SEO to help their site get ranked faster and get more targeted traffic, and they said no.  I asked site B the same question and they said yes.  We added extra content to site B and did some offsite SEO and that is why site B was indexed and Site A was not.  As of this post site A is still not listed under the meta keywords that were used when we developed the site.

Next I asked them about pinging the new site.  I asked them if pinging the new site would help it get indexed by Google?  Again I was surprised by the answers.  Again they both answered the same way.  They said what do you mean by pinging the url?  I said you know or  They said what are those?  I said they are url pinging sites, you use them to get your content noticed faster.  They again said they never heard of them.

I finally asked the question, what is more important onsite or offsite SEO?  They said onsite of course.  I said ok, lets look at this for a minute.  Again comparing site A to site B.  I said lets say you have two clients come to you and ask you to make a site for their new Women's Consignment Shop.  You finish them both at the same time and upload them to the web at the same time.  You go ahead and hand them off to the clients and then wash your hands of them, and get ready for the next client.  Now site A says great let the customers start flowing in, and site B says, now that I have a site I'm going to start some offsite SEO.  one month goes by and site A is on page 3 in Google for Women's Consignment Shops and Site B is on page 1.  Site B did a lot of offsite SEO with Social Media, Social Bookmarking, Video Marketing, Web 2.0, and more.  Site B has 250 backlinks pointing to their site and Site A has 2.  Well now we know why Site B is on page 1 and is getting more business.

After explaining it like that, they had nothing to say.  I mean what could they say, you can't argue with the facts.  Offsite SEO does work.  Let us implement a strategy for offsite SEO for your business site.

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