Why is it important to use Hashtags when marketing your business?

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why is it important to use hashtags

Hashtags are everywhere. It's possible for you to view them on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, at events, as well as on advertisements and film trailers. It's not a surprise that one of the questions I hear all the time, when presenting social networking seminars, is, "what's a hashtag and why is it important for my business?"

To comprehend why hashtags are significant, you've got to go back a couple years.

In 2007, Twitter users began using the # sign in front of words or phrases to make groups. Subsequently Twitter started hyperlinking all hashtags and took a clue from their users. Now, in 2014, all important social networks (excluding LinkedIn) hyperlink hashtags as the adoption rate continues to be huge!

However, what does hyperlinking have to do together with the importance of hashtags?

These social networks automatically be shown all other public posts including exactly the same hashtag, when someone clicks on a hashtag on any of them. This really is incredibly precious for a small business since it may exhibit your articles to a wider audience, and help your company get found. If a person does a search on a social network, or Google, to get a hashtag your post -- and potentially even your profile -- are available by someone you never could have reached without hashtags. This occurs all the time. Hashtags are widely used to search within search engines and social networks, which means you are given a great chance to get your information in front of prospective customers by hashtags!

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