How To Use Widgets In WordPress

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using wordpress widgetsThis post is about how to use Widgets in WordPress site.  We will show you where the widget area is and how to use them.

What is a WordPress widget?  I widget is a way to add content, links, pictures, ads or just about anything to the sidebars in your WordPress site.  The first thing you need to do of course, is log into your WordPress site.  Next click the Appearance Tab, and then the Widgets tab.  See image below.

using your widgets in wordpressWhen you come to the next screen you will see the list of WordPress Widgets, and you will see your sidebars on the right.  If you don't see sidebars on the right, then you picked a theme that has no sidebars.  I would recommend changing themes before you go any further.  I think sidebars are a must, and if you don't have any, than you should get a theme that does.  Next you want to click the small down arrow on the sidebar you want to add a widget to, to open that sidebar.  See image below.

using widgets in wordpressNext you want to look through the widgets and decide which one you want to add to the side bar.  When you find one you want to add you just left click it and hold down and drag it into the sidebar you just opened.  It will look like the picture below if you do it correctly.

using widgets in wordpress

Next you can modify it by clicking the small down arrow in the widget you just dragged into the sidebar.  See image below.

using widgets in wordpress

Ok so lets say you want to add an image in your sidebar.  You will drag a text widget into the sidebar and type something like this.
<img src="">  See image below

using widgets in wordpress

Then be sure to click the save button.

If you want to add a banner use a text widget and type this, <a href="

"><img src="" align="left">

If you need more help with widgets, be sure to join our forum and ask the question so everyone can see and learn form the answer.

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