Why And How To Update My WordPress Plug-ins

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Why update wordpress pluginsIn this post we will explain why it is important to update your WordPress plug-ins, and how to update them.

Why update your WordPress plug-ins?  Everyone that has a self hosted WordPress blog/site should keep their plug-ins up to date.  This will insure that your site continues to run smoothly.  Plug-ins are updated for a reason, so having the latest plug-in installed is a wise choice.  As plug-ins are updated, us as WordPress owners automatically get notified when it is time to update our plug-ins.  So as soon as you log-in to the back office and notice a plug-in needs to be updated, you should take care of that before you do what you logged in to do.  If you have a WordPress site and you don't log-in on a regular basis, or haven't logged in, in a long time, than you should make it a point to do so at least one a week.  This will keep you up to date.

How to update my WordPress plug-ins?  When a plug-in needs to be updated you will see a number next to it when you log-in.  In the image below I put a red number 2 where you will see the number appear.

updating your plugins

Next you will click the word plug-in and you will then be taken to the full list of plug-ins. Next you will scroll through the plug-ins until you see the one that need to be updated. It should say in green writing that it needs to be upgraded. In the image below I put a red circle where you should be looking. I always keep my plug-ins up to date so I don't have an image right now to show you.

updating your wordpress plugins

After you click the upgrade button WordPress will take care of the rest. When the plug-in is done upgrading it will tell you. That's it your done, and remember to log-in once a week to check for updates.

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