How To Nofollow Footer Links In WordPress

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Learning nofollow in your footer phpWhen it comes to leaking Link Juice from your home page it is important to control it with a nofollow attribute.

All free WordPress themes come with a footer pre-loaded with a WordPress link and a link to the designer of the theme.  Some free themes may even come with more.  With these links, you are leaking precious link juice to these sites you are linking to.  It wouldn't be a problem if they were linking back to you, but we all know that's not going to happen.Some themes are easy to add a nofollow attribute to and others are not.  The theme we used for this site, we actually redesigned the footer to easily add the nofollow attribute.  We will be showing you the easy way to add the nofollow attribute and if you need help with a more complicated one, don't hesitate to contact us.

Click the photo to see the footer before the nofollow attribute was added.learn how to nofollow your footer php

This code is what we will be changing <a href=

Everywhere you see this <a href= you want to change it to this <a rel="nofollow" href

Click the photo to see the footer after the nofollow attribute was added. Learn to nofollow your footer php

Now that you have added the nofollow attribute, just click the update file button and your done.  Now you just stop leaking link juice from your site.

Like we said earlier, if you need help just give us a call: 864-275-8660

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