Follow Up On The Plumbing In Stroudsburg Post And The All In One Plug-in

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All In One WordPress PluginSo what did the All In One Plug-in do for the Plumbing in Stroudsburg PA test post?

Well the results are a little disappointing, but I'm glad I did the post for testing anyway.  Less than 24 hours after publishing the post it was on page one for plumbing in Stroudsburg PA.  Then at around the 24 hour mark it fell all the way back to page 15, and now it is so far back I stopped looking. 

Although the post is to far back for me to continue looking, my home page url is on page 6 for plumbing in Stroudsburg PA and page 1 for quoted.  This is the part I wanted to explain.  While the post was keyword rich as well as All In One for plumbing in Stroudsburg PA, Google decided that since the post was not related to the content of my site  it was not going to rank it well.  But they decided to rank my main url on page 6 because they read the keywords in the post that was on the main url.  So I would say from this little test, that what's on your main url may rank better than what is on your post.

So the next question for you to ask yourself is, is it better to have a static homepage on your blog or have your homepage change with every new post?  Let's look at it like this.  If your in a specific niche and you are trying to rank for a specific keyword, than it may be a good idea to have a static homepage that is keyword rich, and have your blog on a separate page.  If your blog is on your homepage than it will be moving around Google based on the keywords you use.  Granted the All In One Plug-in should keep it stable with the Title and Description you used, but the keyword in this sentence is should.

For everyone who is reading this, please feel free to chime in on this by leaving a comment.  We would love to hear about your experiences, or experiments.

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