Get More Dofollow Backlinks With Commentluv

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I just wanted to post about Commentluv blogs for those of you who have not heard about them. If you are looking to increase your backlinks by blog commenting, then it only makes sense to comment on dofollow sites.  Most sites that use Commentluv are dofollow.  The benefit of a site using Commentluv is, when you post a comment, Commentluv … Read More

How To Use Widgets In WordPress

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This post is about how to use Widgets in WordPress site.  We will show you where the widget area is and how to use them. What is a WordPress widget?  I widget is a way to add content, links, pictures, ads or just about anything to the sidebars in your WordPress site.  The first thing you need to do of … Read More

How To Change The Theme In WordPress

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In this post we will show you how to change the theme in WordPress, and which themes we think are good choices and why. The first thing you need to do of course, is log into WordPress.  When you log-in you need to look for the Appearance tab and click it.  Next you will click the Themes tab.  Then click … Read More

Why And How To Update My WordPress Plug-ins

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In this post we will explain why it is important to update your WordPress plug-ins, and how to update them. Why update your WordPress plug-ins?  Everyone that has a self hosted WordPress blog/site should keep their plug-ins up to date.  This will insure that your site continues to run smoothly.  Plug-ins are updated for a reason, so having the latest … Read More

Learn How To Build An Email Marketing List For Free

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Email marketing is so popular, because sending email is much cheaper than most other forms of communication. Email lets you deliver your message directly to the people who will be potential buyers. Email marketing has proven very successful for those who do it right.  It is a highly effective tool for building your brand, revenue, and more.  Email marketing is … Read More