3 WordPress SEO / Search Engine Tips For Ranking Your Site

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3 wordpress seo tipsHere are 3 WordPress SEO Tips you should know when setting up your WordPress site.

WordPress SEO tip #1

This tip is for those of you who have not yet purchased your domain name.  When deciding on a domain name, first decide what you want your site to be about.  When you decide on a topic or niche the more specific you can be on that topic or niche the better.  For example if you decide to have a clothing niche be sure to narrow it down to something like mens and boys or womens and girls or maybe just kids clothing and shoes.  After you have narrowed your niche down the next thing you want to do is research some keywords for that niche.  Use the Google Adwords keyword tool.

Type your keyword or phrase in the box and hit search.  It will show related keyword phrases and the amount of global monthly searches.  Look for one that appeals to you and has from 10-30,000 global monthly searches.  If you decide on one with say 100,000 searches it will be much harder to rank that keyword.  A search for childrens clothes returns over 90,000 searches were designer kids clothes returns online 12,100 searches.  Won't it be nice to be on the first page of 12,100 monthly searches.  It's better to be on the 1st page of 12,100 than on the 10th page of 90,000.

WordPress SEO tip #2

If your not using All in One SEO or Platinum SEO you should be.  Their are many nice features with both of these plug-ins, but we are only going over one in this post.  The main point I want to touch on here is that not every WordPress theme plays nicely with both of the above mentioned plug-ins.  What I'm referring to here is the home title and home description.  When your setting your site up in the setting tab, then the general tab you usually put your sites name in the Site Title box and what your site is about in the Tagline box.  This is ok to do, but you don't want Google indexing your site as just the site name and if your not using one of the above plug-ins that is exactly what's going to happen.  After you set your information in the general tab, then install one of the above plug-ins and were it says Home Title don't just put your sites name, instead choose three keywords you want your site to be about, and for Home Description describe the 3 keywords you picked in the Home Title.

Now the part about the both of them not playing nice.  With the both of these plug-ins the Home Title is supposed to over ride the Site Title in the General tab so that while your site shows a title of SC Online Marketing, Google indexes it with the keywords picked with the plug-in.  Not all themes play nice.  When you install the plug-in and make your changes go to your homepage and make sure the tab reads the changes and not the Site Title.  If it reads the site Title then the plug-in is not over riding it.  You may need to uninstall one and try the other one.  One or the other will work with every theme and it may take you installing the right one and having to activate it and deactivating it and activating it again until it works.  With this theme I had to use All in One SEO to get it to work and deactivate and reactivate it again to get it to work.  Again just put your mouse over your tab when your done to make sure it reads the way you want it.

WordPress SEO tip #3

The title you choose for your post is the most important part for ranking that post.  With that said you may want to use the Adwords tool again and research your selected keyword for your post and choose your keywords wisely.  You may also want to do a quoted and unquoted Google search for the title you choose to see how many results you get.  Do your homework before you write your title and you should start ranking your posts better.

Thanks for reading this post about WordPress SEO tips, and if you need any help don't hesitate to contact us.

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    I really like what you write here, very refreshing and smart. One issue though, I’m running Firefox on Ubuntu and parts of your layout pieces are a little misaligned. I know it’s not a common setup, but it is still something to to keep in mind. Just shooting you a heads up.

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