Why and When Should I Ping My Website or Blog

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I have seen a lot of questions about why and when you should ping your site or blog.

Why you should ping your site or blog?

Depending on how often the spiders crawl your site and what pages they crawl will depend on how long it will take for your new content to be indexed.  So pinging is like waving your hands in the air and saying hello over here I have some new content to share with the world.  If your anything like me, you have no patients.  I want my new content indexed as soon as possible.

If your at all interested in your Alexa rank than understand this.  New indexed content brings new visitors to your site and the sooner it’s indexed the sooner they will come.  Alexa ranks a site by its traffic so the more indexed content the better.

When should you ping your site or blog?

I know you who are using WordPress and some other blogging platforms will say that your site will auto ping for you after you publish your post.  While this is true I will tell you something from my experience.  I use Ping-o-Matic for all my pinging and I created a new post, then I immediately went to Ping-o-Matic and tried to ping my homepage where all my new posts show up and Ping-o-Matic said something like slow down turbo you just pinged this url.  So does auto pinging work on WordPress and other blogging platforms, it sure does.  Before you say see, next I went to the post page, example http://sconlinemarketing.com/newpost and pinged it and it pinged successfully.  If someone wants to correct me if I’m wrong but when you publish a new post it auto pings the main post page not the actually post page like /newpost.

So how often should you ping and what should you ping?

You should ping every time you add new content to your site.  Like I said above if you have an auto pinging feature than ping the actual post url and if you don’t ping your main post page and the post url.  Also ping the category or tag word you used for the post.  There are two different strategies that are mainly used when sculpting your site or blog.  Some concentrate more on tags while others concentrate more on categories.

When you set up your site you should focus on categories or tags.  Of course your going to have categories if you concentrate on tags, but what I mean is for contextual linking in your posts and pinging.  As you can see I don’t use a tag cloud and I don’t have tags in my posts.  I concentrate on my categories.  When I do my contextual linking it is to my categories and when a new post is added to a category I ping that category along with the new post url.  The same strategy will be used with tags.  Do your contextual linking to your tags and ping your tag page and the post url.  For pinging a category the url will be like this yoursite/category/blogging and for tags it will be like this yoursite/tag/blogging.  Both strategies will work but don’t use both.

When setting your site up be sure to decide up front to focus on categories or tags  because you want to point all your link juice to one or the other.  It’s all just a matter of you want your categories to have a PR or your tags to have a PR.  The main reason I choose categories is because you will probably always have more tags than you will categories so your link juice will be spread thinner with larger numbers.

UPDATE: While ping-o-matic is good we have started using pingler.com because Pingler pings to more sites.

Thanks for reading and be sure to contact us with all your SEO needs or questions.

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21 Comments on “Why and When Should I Ping My Website or Blog”

  1. Jim Rukas

    My website at: http://wwww.jrsgotit.com is a brand new website and I do not know much about Search Engine Optimization or why I should ping my website and blog. Thank you very much for the information. I found your article very informative.


    Jim Rukas

  2. gagan anand

    You should ping every time you add new content to your site. Like I said above if you have an auto pinging feature than ping the actual post url and if you don’t ping your main post page and the post url.

  3. James

    I’ve just been hit hard by the brand new Penguin updates on my site Talk Solar Panels – I think the menus and on-page stuff were horribly over-optimized. Therefore, I’ve just used this advice to ping the site after I’ve updated it – thank you very much for the tips. Ping-o-matic is a really easy to use site too!

  4. John

    Thanks for the advice!! I was worried I was pinging my blog too often but this cleared it up. Also let me know if you’d like to exchange some links, I’ve got helpful info on mine and would like to send readers your way as well. Keep up the great work!

    1. admin

      Chad, In my opinion Pinging is actually not the same as it once was. Search Engines crawl at such a fast rate now that pinging is not needed unless you have a stagnant site.

    1. admin

      Thanks for a good comment, I usual get a lot of spam, not related to the topic at all. Thanks again!

    1. admin

      Pinging your webpage is done to get it indexed faster. You use a site like pingomatic to ping your newly created web pages.

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