What Is Web 2.0 And Why Is It Important For Ranking Your Keywords

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What is web 2.0 and how it will help you rank your keywordsIn this post we will discuss Web 2.0 and why it is important for ranking your keywords.

Lets start by explaining what Web 2.0 is.  Web 2.0 sites are sites that give users the opportunity to interact with each other in a social media format.  Common Web 2.0 sites are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Hubpages.  As you know most Web 2.0 sites are used by many people which in turn gives them a lot of views, content, attention and high Google PR (Pagerank).

So why are Web 2.0 sites important for ranking your keywords?  Like we said above with the attention and high PR they receive it makes it a lot easier to rank a keyword when using one.

Lets say you are trying to rank a keyword like Online Marketing In Florida and their are a lot of sites on the first page you are trying to compete against.  If you are just starting out and your main site has no PR and a few number of backlinks it will be hard to jump ahead of your competitors who have a higher PR and more backlinks.  This is where Web 2.0 sites come in handy.

With a proper strategy and the use of a handful of Web 2.0 sites you can dominate the first page of Google for Online Marketing In Florida and just about any other long tail keyword.  Like I said long tail keywords not keywords like weight loss or money, while you can rank on the 1st page for those keywords it will take a large campaign and time.  With a proper strategy you can dominate the first page in 2-4 days at max.  And when I say dominate I mean knock you competition down and you having the first 3-5 positions on the first page.

If you would like to learn more about how this works or you would like us to dominate it for you, then just fill in our contact form or call us direct.

Thanks for reading our post about Web 2.o and we hope to hear from you soon.

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