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SEO ToolsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) tools and site analyzing tools are a good place to start when you want to know how your sites is performing.

Whether you have a business or personal website it is always a good idea to use some basic SEO tools to see how it’s performing.  You want to make sure your internal and external links are in order and it is always a good idea to know your Google pagerank and Alexa rank.

First lets look at your linking structure.

With the tool below you can check the internal and external links of any page on your site.  Just fill in your information to get started.

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Now lets take a look at your Google pagerank.

The last think we are going to look at is your Alexa rank.

Click here to see your Alexa rank.

While there are many aspects of your site to check and maintain use these 3 first.  Some might not agree with worrying about your Google and Alexa rank.  Lets face it Google is the top dog on the internet and it would not be wise to ignore where you stand in their eyes and as for Alexa where you stand with them is a good indicator of your sites overall traffic.

If you are using Firefox you can use the SEO Quake add on to view all 3 of the above stats and more on a toolbar.  While it is not 100% accurate at all times it is a good tool to have.  Click here to get the add on.

Backlink Check

Here is a site to check your backlinks.

Thanks for reading this post about SEO tools and don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any SEO or marketing help.

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