Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Is More Than Just Website Structure

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search engine optimization is more than just site developmentSearch engine optimization isn’t an instant path to victory.

Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving a sites’ content, code, server settings, internal structure and external linking, with the intent of making the site rank higher in the search engines.  It is still the single most effective thing one can do to market a website on the net.  Search engine optimization is definitely not a “do it once and forget” activity.


Google has the largest share of the search market, especially in the UK, and Yahoo and Bing who are currently joining forces trail with less than a quarter of the search market between them.  Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.  Google will also resequence results to present two pages that would appear on the same results page in sequence (an indented result) even if they are not naturally in sequence.  Google’s ranking algorithm is based on links.  Google link popularity building is a form of search engine marketing (SEM) and should also be part of your SEO plan.

Search Engine Optimization:

Optimization for bots improves content discovery, indexing and trust (algorithmically).  The objective of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase a Web site’s traffic counts, and ultimately conversions, by ranking very high in the results of searches for the keywords in the search query.  Most site owners bypass this step because they forget about it or think it is too complex, but without competent search engine optimization Web site services you are destined to become search engine fodder.


There are a lot of different but equally important factors when it comes to having a successful internet marketing campaign in today’s competitive online marketing environment.  Marketing drives traffic and traffic is really nothing more than more eyeballs on the site.  Marketing websites is not yet a science — it’s still an artform.  Everything from search engine marketing strategy to search engine placement tactics, awards, press releases, links, Engagement Objects™, social media, suggestions for optimal search engine spidering and search engine optimization.  Keyword tuning for a search engine marketing campaign is an iterative loop; you keep doing it until you rank reasonably well on several search engines.


On the subject of link popularity — we consider links vital to long-term natural search engine optimization and ranking.  Links from relevant, high quality sites show the search engines that your site is a valuable asset.  Links pointing towards your site is vital for any sites SEO.  Links are actually a vital and efficient way of sharing Page rank within your web site.

Search engine optimization is very important to each and every online business.  It is the tool that can ensure that your site will be listed within relevant search results, and as close as possible to the top.  Search engine optimization is focused mostly on Google, Yahoo and Bing as these are currently the three largest search engines.  Search Engine Optimization is an extremely important part of your website, but remember that it is not the only thing to care about.

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