Modern Day Service – Customer Service Will Increase Or Decrease Your Sales

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modern day service action plan(Modern Day Service) Lets face it Customer service can make or break your business.

I’m sure you have been there before, because I know I have.  You walk into a business and you get the common hello and your on your way.  You go about your business look at what you want or get the information you need and get the usual have a nice day and your on your way.

Now lets look at the same example with Superior Customer Service.  You walk into the business and you get the hello and they walk up and shake your hand and they ask you what your shopping for today.  Of course you will tell them.  Next they say great let me show you where that is and on the way there they don’t talk business they just are friendly and talk about the weather or something.    You get to the item and then ask you if you have any questions about the item.  You then say no I’m good.  Then they say is their anything else you need today?  You then say no I’m good.  Then they say great and then walk you to the register to ring you up.  No that is a good example of Superior Customer Service.

Superior Customer Service makes you feel like this is the place I need to come to for now on, and your chances of telling your friends and family about the business are great.  Look at your business, are your employees giving Superior Customer Service, Good Customer Service, OK Customer Service or Poor Customer Service?  Your business depends on customer service.  Lets take all your marketing out of the equation and only focus on the current foot traffic and phone traffic you are getting now.  If you give Superior Customer Service I guarantee you will increase business, no matter what business your in.

Have you ever heard that follow up is key to everything in business.? If you want tasks done by management or management from employees, than constant follow up is key to making sure that the task or tasks are done correctly.  Lets face it, if the people you manage know you never follow up, than they know they can do things when they get around to it.  Wells customer follow up is the same way.  Do you want your customer to see certain ads or know about certain sales?  Of course you do.  You need to implement a customer follow up plan the same way you do with your employees.

Modern Day Service

We at SC Online Marketing have developed a Superior Customer Service action plan.  We like to call it Modern Day Service, because times change and service needs to change as well to keep up with technology.  What makes a customer want to go to one business over another?  It is the people that work at the business, not the business it self that makes clients come back.  With that said take a look at your Modern Day Service.  Is it Superior or Poor?  If it is anything less than superior than give us a call and we can help you fix it with our Modern Day Service action plan.

Stand out from your competition and call us today!

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